Trust Wallet, with Over 60 Million Downloads, Launches Browser Extension Wallet

The wallet can be used to manage and securely store, send, and receive over 8 million tokens across EVM blockchains and Solana. The extension is available on Chrome, Brave, and Opera browsers.

Self-custody waller provider, Trust Wallet, has launched a browser extension wallet capitalizing on positive sentiment toward self-custody solutions at the moment. “We see the market movement as the realization of this, and Trust Wallet is excited to provide more choices for users as a leading wallet with trust.”

The wallet supports all EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains and Solana and is available for use on browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Opera.

According to Trust Wallet, the browser extension complements its mobile wallet, which has 60 million downloads and over 10 million monthly active users globally.

“Both versions of Trust Wallet deliver enhanced web3 accessibility, and offer a more seamless wallet experience for both desktop and mobile environments.”

The wallet can be used to manage and securely store, send, and receive over 8 million tokens across EVM blockchains and Solana. Supported chains include:

  • Ethereum
  • BNB Chain
  • Polygon, and
  • Avalanche

with the ability for users to custom-add other EVM chains.

Trust Wallet says it will be adding more non-EVMs in the upcoming months.

Additional benefits, courtesy of the browser wallet, include a network auto-detect feature which allows for a seamless dApp experience without the need to manually add networks. Also, with 8 Million tokens coming with the browser, there will be little need for users to manually add tokens.

The wallet is not just used on crypto exchanges, but lets users explore other features in Web3 such as gaming and NFTs, DeFi, and other tokens not available on exchanges.

According to Trust Wallet CEO, Eowyn Chen:

Our users’ number 1 request is the Browser extension and they want one with the same good user experience and multi-chain coverage as the Trust Wallet mobile app. We build for users to empower them whichever device they prefer, to continue to access the exciting dApps on different chains. This is our initial step, and we will listen to users and developers’ feedback to improve.

Trust Wallet says it will be adding several features from the mobile app to the browser extension wallet. These include:

  • Multi-wallet support
  • NFT support
  • Fiat on-ramp providers
  • Non-EVM blockchain integrations

However, there are unique features that will be launched onthe extension first, such as support for hardware wallets.




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