[IN PICTURES] A Recap of 2022 at the Celo Kampala Blockchain Happy Hour

Celo reviews year 2022 and its achievements in Africa throughout the year

In yet another successful meetup in Uganda, Celo organized and did a energizing happy hour event in Kampala, Uganda on December 2, 2022.

The event included the crypto curious, Web3 builders, and entrepreneurs as they got to learn all things DeFi, ReFi and crypto.

Here is a quick recap of the event:

Umar Sebyala, Uganda Ecosystem Lead, started the event with a presentation on Celo Africa 2022 Year in Review.

He made a recap of all the Celo Africa events that happened in 2022 as follows:

  • Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 
  • Celo Africa Web3 Fund : 
    • Kenya
    • Ghana
    • Nigeria
    • Uganda
  • ETHSafari (Nairobi & Kilifi)
  • Africa Money and DeFi Summit (Accra)
  • Ghana Crypto and DeFi Summit (Accra)
  • CV VC & Lateral Capital Events Nairobi

He then went on to review all the achievements the Foundation has established during the course of the year. A collection of these different programs are classified below:

  • Community Growth 
    • Nigeria Campus Tours
    • Kenya Campus Events
    • Uganda Campus Tours
    • Celo Code Jam Kenya
    • Kampala Happy Hour 


  • Regional Alliance 
    • New Members of the Alliance 
    • Pilots: MCV (Employer Lending), WFP (Microwork)


  • Celo Africa DAO for 2023
    • A vision for 2023

Habib Sentongo, East Africa Technical Ambassador Lead, took the stage and gave holistic descriptions of the many Celo Ecosystem opportunities for all kinds of people.

He also encouraged all startups that were considering expanding into the Celo Ecosystem and the Web3 space at large to reach out to him for support, technical, and administration.

Elias Hezron, the Founder of CashOut, spiced things up by giving an inspirational talk on how he personally raised USD 10,000 in a few months by participating in Celo Hackathons.

Elias also gave a brief of his journey into the Web3 space and the different ways to gain technical skills as you are rewarded back value for your time.

Brian Tweheyo, the CEO of Binusu, gave the closing keynote in which he talked about the beauty of cryptocurrencies and how simple it is to transact with them on the Binusu App.

He encouraged everyone to try things out on a scale they can afford to mint personal firsthand experiences in the space.




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