[VIDEO] How Do You Spend Your Crypto in Africa?

Learn how you can spend your crypto via ClubSwan.

BitKE caught up with ClubSwan, one of the crypto card products that enables Africans to use and spend their crypto holdings across restaurants, supermarkets, and other places.

With ClubSwan, you can hold your crypto in a wallet within your account on their platform. When you need to top up your card, you initiate a sale transaction on the dashboard. The fiat you choose is then deposited into an account on the platform. You can then manually top up your card from that account.

ClubSwan is different form other cyrpto cards in the sense that it allows you to hold your coins in crypto even when you need to spend them. Conversion only takes place at the point of spending.

The card also comes linked to American bank accounts that you can also use to deposit fiat, either in:

  • US dollars
  • British Pound, or
  • Chinese Yen




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