[WATCH] Kenya’s Bitcoin DADA Graduates Latest Cohort of Women Bitcoiners on Africa Bitcoin Day

The event also marked the graduation of the programme's 3rd cohort of students who are now equipped with knowledge about bitcoin and how they can use it to improve their lives.

Bitcoin DADA, a women centric entity that is working towards educating African women into Bitcoin, celebrated its 1 year anniversary on Africa Bitcoin Day held on May 27 2023.

The event also marked the graduation of the programme’s 3rd cohort of students who are now equipped with knowledge about bitcoin and how they can use it to improve their lives.

Bitcoin DADA was founded to try and resolve three issues in the ecosystem:

  • Reduce the knowledge barriers for everyday women to enter the Bitcoin world
  • Make bitcoin relatable to the masses
  • Narrow the gender divide in this space through education, community, and social network platforms

Below are some of the graduating students:

According to Bitcoin DADA, Bitcoin education can provide several benefits to women, including financial empowerment and increased access to financial services. By learning about the technology behind it and how to use it, African women can gain greater control over their finances and be more independent.

Graduates and guests at the ceremony

Additionally, its decentralized nature enables anyone with an internet connection to use it making it accessible to African women in areas where traditional banking services are limited. Finally, it can provide opportunities for African women to participate in the growing bitcoin economy as investors, entrepreneurs, and developers.

The program, currently undertaking its fourth class, has successfully trained two cohorts of students with 45 graduating. It also organizes bitcoin-only meetups in Nairobi, Kenya, helped some students start accepting bitcoin as a payment option in their businesses, and recommended students to bitcoin companies for employment.

Classes and examinations are administered in a flexible style so that the learners can handle other responsibilities. For instance, one of the graduates joined the program soon after child-birth and had also suffered a broken leg yet she managed to successfully go through the program.

Bitcoin DADA was one of 4 African projects that received grant from the Human Rights Foundation announced in May 2023 for $10,000 for spearheading the Bitcoin education program in Kenya.

According to Founder Marcel, the women joining the program are eager and excited, both, at the prospect of a safe environment and understanding what has previously been an alien buzzword.


“The fact that people keep talking about it around me and I have no idea what it is, I want to be able to understand in deeper lengths and apply it,” said Grace Kago, a previous student.

“I am eager to learn in a safe space without the fear of being conned,” added Wambui, another student.


Following the 1-year anniversary, Bitcoin DADA plans to expand its activities beyond education including widening its target market.

While the program has mostly seen Kenyans participate, the recent graduation saw one Nigerian graduate as well.




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