REPORT | Only 3% of Digital Asset Professionals Get Paid in Crypto Despite 90% Working Remotely, Reveals Latest Pantera Capital Survey

Based on the survey for the report, the highest salaries for Web3 engineers are found in North America followed by Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Of those who are paid in crypto, USDC represents 56% of crypto salary payments.

A new October 2023 report by Pantera Capital reveals that crypto workers are distributed worldwide as follows:


  • Primarily in the United States (35% of respondents)
  • Latin America follows as the second most prominent region (29.7%)
  • Europe, the Middle East, and Asia share the third spot (23.5%).
  • The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region lags behind, with the lowest representation at 11.6%

Based on a survey for the report, the highest salaries for Web3 engineers are found in:

  • North America, with an average of $166,610
  • In the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, the average salary is $102,226
  • In Latin America, it is $90,559, while
  • In the Asia-Pacific region, the average salary is $75,000 for Web3 engineers


  • A marketing professional can anticipate a median base salary of $100k globally
  • n the United States specifically, individuals in the marketing field can expect a median salary of $135k. The highest reported salary in the Marketing category was $280k


And for all the projects grappling with the question:

“What’s the appropriate pay for a Community Manager?” Our research found a median base salary of $65k on a global scale. Specifically within the United States, the median base salary for Community Managers rises to $105k.


  • The median global salary for Finance & Accounting professionals is $90k, while in the US, it rises to $154k. The highest paid professional in this field boasts an annual salary of $260k. Finance & Accounting professionals in the United States can anticipate anywhere from $120k to $205k depending on their level of seniority, the research found.
  • When looking at business development professionals, where the primary facet of compensation should be commission-based, base salaries only tell half of the story. Across the globe, the median salary was found to be to be $115k. As for the United States, the average base salary is $140k.


The report says:

“We saw the highest paid Business Development professional making $275k.”


  • The highest-paid Product Manager included in the survey receives an annual salary of $350k.
  • On a global scale, the median salary for Product Managers is $125k, with the United States reporting a higher median of $170k. In the United States, Product Managers can expect to earn $115k in their early career and over $187k in the latter years of their career.

Almost 90% of digital asset professionals work remotely, while only 3% receive their salaries in cryptocurrency, the survey by Pantera Capital established. Of those respondents who are paid in crypto:

  • USDC is the clear token of choice representing 56% of crypto salary payments, while
  • USDT represents 25% and
  • Bitcoin (BTC) at 13%

Pantera’s research, based out of a a survey of 1,600 participants across 77 countries including in Africa, seeks to provide transparency for individuals employed in the cryptocurrency industry, with the goal of facilitating the transition into this field for those who are interested.


Read / Download the survey report here.




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