LAUNCH | Telegram Wallet Bot Launches Pilot in Kenya, South Africa, with More Countries to Follow in 2024

Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Colombia stand out due to 'a very active Telegram user base with a relatively high rate of crypto adoption.'

The cryptocurrency trading bot, Wallet, is making its global debut on Telegram Messenger in multiple countries across Latin America and Africa.

The Open Platform (TOP), an investment platform based in Dubai and affiliated with TOP Labs and Wallet, declared the global launch of the Wallet crypto bot on November 10 2023.

Wallet, initially introduced in September 2023 as TON Space, is a Telegram bot facilitating crypto buying and selling and has been integrated into the Telegram settings menu for users in:

  • Colombia
  • South Africa, and
  • Kenya

among a selection of other countries in Africa and Latin America.


“I’m happy to announce that the global rollout of Wallet in Telegram starts today. It’s a very exciting moment, and our team worked very hard. We’re starting with selected countries in Africa, expanding to MENA, EE, and Asia in Q1 2024, and to the entire world by Q2 2024,” said Andrew Rogozov, Founder/CEO, The Open Platform,  at The Gateway in Dubai.

While Wallet has been accessible to global users for several months, users were required to find the bot by clicking “@Wallet” on Telegram. With the latest update, users can see Wallet directly in the settings menu without needing to find the bot or even know much about crypto to start using it.


“Our main focus is on developing markets where the lack of accessible financial tools has generated an organic demand for crypto assets,” TOP said through a representative.

“We know that Telegram has a significant user base in these regions, and so it was only natural to start our global rollout in these jurisdictions,” the representative added.


Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Colombia stand out due to ‘a very active Telegram user base with a relatively high rate of crypto adoption.’

TOP’s strategy involves launching the wallet initially in smaller countries, intending to refine both the operational and technical aspects of the product before scaling its integration and operations.

After the initial launch in Latin America and Africa, the Wallet crypto bot is anticipated to be introduced in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Turkey in the first quarter of 2024. TOP aims to complete the global rollout of Wallet on Telegram by the conclusion of the second quarter of 2024, as stated in the announcement.


“These strategic enhancements to Wallet and TON Space underscore our continued dedication to simplifying the crypto experience for mainstream audiences while maintaining robust security features,” TOP CEO, Andrew Rogozov, noted.




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