MILESTONE | The NotCoin $NOT Token Launches on TON Blockchain, User Base Now Accounts for 0.4% of the Global Population

This large player base enabled Notcoin to attract 'hundreds' of Web3 organizations to advertise through the game's 'earn' mechanics, according to the team.

Over four months since its launch on the messaging app Telegram, viral Web3 clickr game, NotCoin, has introduced its NOT [$NOT] token via The Open Network (TON).

Accompanying the launch was an airdrop of more than 80 billion tokens to participants as it opened trading on exchanges.

According to data from CoinGecko, the $NOT token is currently trading at around $0.00727.

NotCoin launched as a Telegram Mini App in January, growing to attract a community of over 35 million players.

Telegram, which recently integrated Tether stablecoin $USDT for peer to peer payments within the app, has mini Apps, such as @wallet and @notcoin, which are small applications seamlessly integrated into the messaging platform. They enable users to engage with diverse services directly within the application without needing to exit or switch to external platforms.


From January to April 2024, early adopters of the game earned tokens by clicking on a virtual coin and completing in-game challenges. According to a press release, these in-game balances have been converted at a ratio of 1000:1.

The project has implemented a staking mechanism to encourage airdrop recipients to hold onto their tokens. Staking will be necessary to ‘earn additional rewards’ and unlock access to more rewarding staking pools determined by the player’s level in the game.

According to Open Builders, the team behind the project, NotCoin has the largest crypto-related channel on Telegram and the fourth-largest overall, with 6.3 million channel subscribers. Leveraging that audience helped the game attract its 35 million players – equivalent to around 0.4% of the world’s population.



This large player base enabled NotCoin to attract ‘hundreds’ of Web3 organizations to advertise through the game’s ‘earn’ mechanics, according to the team. Players are rewarded with $NOT for completing tasks aimed at boosting engagement with these projects.

Looking ahead, the NotCoin team plans to keep rewarding users with NOT tokens for exploring the crypto ecosystem. Additionally, they intend to introduce a trading bot that will allow users to trade other TON-based tokens.


“It’s been an amazing few months,” said Sasha Plotvinov, Founder of NotCoin Developers Open Builders.

“We’re extremely proud that NotCoin’s viral growth has introduced millions to crypto and TON’s ecosystem.”




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