Blockchain Beyond the Hype

2020-09-29 19:16 - 20:16

This event is organized by Young Entrepreneurs Network Africa, and seeks to answer the following questions:

  • Beyond the hype, what are the real practical applications of blockchain that can be used to solve our most pertinent problems?
  • What are the use cases that present business opportunities for young entrepreneurs?
  • How can blockchain technology be used to improve and help scale business enterprises?

The event will seek to answer all these and more questions with an amazing panel of experts and practitioners in the space during the event.

Some of the speakers at the event will include:

Christian Kakoba – community Lead, Bithub Africa

David Kimolo – Blockchain Developer, Techno Brain

Bastian Blankenburg – CTO, Utu House of Blockchain

Juliana Mwangi – CFO, KuBitX Exchange

Daniel Kimotho – CEO, EOS Nairobi