VACANCY: Head of Projects

The Head of Projects will oversee all aspects of the project department’s operations, including staffing, budgeting, and day-to-day activities. They are also responsible for managing relationships with other departments and external stakeholders, including incubators and projects.

This investment professional will focus on supporting the foundation’s activities in developing a thriving ecosystem of high quality web3 projects throughout Africa. She/he will work closely with and as an integral part of our small and collaborative team of professionals.


Candidates should have minimum of 3 years of total prior work experience including at a minimum either of:
+1 year of full-time work experience at a top-tier investment bank, VC fund, strategy consulting firm or high performance startup
+1 year of full-time work experience in strategy, business development, partnerships or corporate development


Email: Send an email to with the title ‘Head of Projects’ with an accompanying CV.




VACANCY: Web3 Trainer

The Web3 trainer will be responsible for introducing and training new software engineers on how to build and deploy Web3 solutions and decentralized applications.

The role is part-time but highly engaging during the training sessions.



Candidates should be proficient in Web3 development skills with the following skillsets:
(1) 1 year experience in a Web3 programming language like Solidity or RUST
(2) Ability to break down a topic and help learners grasp programming concepts easily


Email: Send an email to with the title ‘Web3 Trainer’ with an accompanying CV.