4 Organizations Spearheading Blockchain Education in Kenya

Currently, the blockchain hype is at an all time high, not only in Kenya, but also across the globe. There are thousands of ongoing projects creating solutions on the blockchain ranging from financial remittance services to the creation of ledgers that enable organizations to share data and resources freely.

To fuel the development of these application use cases, there are many organizations teaching developers how to develop for the blockchain. In Kenya, we have 4 organizations pushing for blockchain education and adoption:

  1. The Blockchain Association of Kenya

The association, which was registered in 2017 aims to establish and oversee blockchain industry standards, among companies, startups, traders, and developers. According to the chairman, Mic Kimani, the association will be the go-to resource for traders, developers, and organizations implementing industry best practices in the blockchain space in Kenya.

In line with this agenda, the association has also organized and partnered with other institutions to offer training, education bootcamps, and meetups that seek to inform and educate developers, traders, organizations, and enthusiasts on the state of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

2. The Bithub Africa Blockchain Accelerator

Founded in 2015 by the tech entrepreneur, John Karanja, Bithub Africa acts as an accelerator and a conduit between developers and development startups in the blockchain space with the market. The incubation hub helps startups looking to create solutions in the space by offering mentorship, developer skillsets, and investor exposure.

In addition, Bithub has also opened up its space to meetups and trainings ranging from developer classes to meetups on blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation in Kenya. If you’re looking to have a startup in the space, Bithub Africa is definitely a great place to do that.

3. The Nairobi EOS Community

Started in early 2018, the EOS Community has been one of the most active communities when it comes to raising awareness and offering practical hands-on coding classes in the space. Founded by Daniel Kimotho, George Mosomi, and Felix Macharia, the community has now grown to include developers, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors.

The community has regular developer classes help at Moringa School to help more developers understand blockchain development, with a particular focus on the EOS Blockchain. The trainings help developers not only learn how to write code, but also come up with solutions to real-life problems that can be solved on the blockchain.

4. Andela Kenya

Andela is a development company that currently has about 300 developers under its wing in Kenya. The development community at Andela is one of the most enthusiastic and sought after among developer circles in Kenya.

There are regular meetups and talks on blockchain development and cryptocurrency happening almost every other month. Developers get first-hand experience and an opportunity to interact with founders and development teams from brands and companies already in the space.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency space in Kenya is thriving and the enthusiasm continues to grow as adoption of the technology continues to grow and this is clearly not going to die out anytime soon.

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