A Highlight of the Third EOS Nairobi Dev Class – Moringa School

David Kimolo training a team of EOS devs at Moringa School

The third EOS developer class, conducted by David Kimolo, and organized by EOS Nairobi took place at Moringa School. The class was a continuation from the previous class which looked at the basics of C++, the foundational language for blockchain development.

David took the developers through functions, void functions, templates, functions overloading, recursion and finally ended the class by looking at elliptic curve cryptography.

A Detailed Breakdown

The class drill-down included a look at the following:

  • Different methods of using void functions and explaining their use.
  • Factorial calculation of a number using recursion.
  • How to structure a template and using it in the main function under the function template.
  • How to overload a function using different data types and the use of different perimeter numbers under function overloading.
  • A demonstration of the formula:and how to implement it in code under the elliptic curve cryptography.

The class was able to understand functions, function overload, recursion, and elliptic curve cryptography by use of examples in the class.

The next class will be a continuation and it will look at Arrays, pointers, character sequences, dynamic memory, data structures, and will finish with a look a practical applications of the above in cryptography.

15 people attended the class.

We’re really excited to see an ongoing blockchain development class in Nairobi and honored to be part of a project that is laying the foundation for blockchain development in Kenya and the region.

EOS Nairobi with Roselyne. Pictures courtesy of Kadesa Sarah

EOS Nairobi is looking to build a community of Blockchain devs in Nairobi and supporting these classes is one step in the right direction towards this objective.