Kenya Blockchain Taskforce Memoranda / Presentations close on 13th April 2018

In order to gather and collect as much information as possible around emerging technologies, the Kenya Blockchain Taskforce, headed by Bitange Ndemo, is accepting proposals from third-parties who would like to contribute and hopefully work with the taskforce in identifying and implementing potential technology ideas.

The taskforce which was unveiled in February 2018, seeks to provide a roadmap for the implementation of these technologies in order to actualize the Vision 2030 for Kenya becoming a second world country.

The Kenya Blockchain Taskforce

The blockchain taskforce, as currently constituted, includes players and experts from various industries ranging from mobile technologies, researchers, to tech innovators and entrepreneurs in the tech space.

Some of the notable names include Bitange Ndemo, Juliana Rotich, and John Walubengo among others.