EOS Nairobi Developers’ Class 2 takes place at Moringa School

EOS Nairobi completed its second developer class currently being held at Moringa School. The class, which was conducted by David Kimolo, a developer at Bithub Africa, went into the basics of C++ and got the community up to speed on how to set up the coding environment, the compiler, and the basics of the C++ language.


The foundations for blockchain development are rooted in the C++ language. The language syntax and approach should help any developer getting onto the blockchain understand how to come up with a simpe Dapp that runs on the blockchain.

David, a seasoned C++ and Python developer, got the class fired up on the different applications that C++ can be used to code beyond the blockchain. Part of the class training included getting everybody up to speed with the compiler environment, C++ functions, and syntax rules.


The next class will delve a little deeper into functions and arrays and a much deeper understanding of cryptography. In the meantime, it was great to see the community excited and ready to get into blockchain development ahead of the EOS blockchain launch scheduled for June 2018.

A total of 18 people attended the class.


EOS Nairobi is looking to build a community of Blockchain devs in Nairobi and supporting these classes is one step in the right direction towards this objective.