Blockchain Will Help Solve Identity Issues in Kenya, Says Head of ICT, NTSA, Fernando Wangila

Fernando Wangila, the head of ICT, NTSA Kenya, has been pushing for the adoption of blockchain in the state body and across other government entities for increased transparency and data-sharing.

With the establishment of the blockchain taskforce back in February, the Kenya government came closer to the realization of a more transparent and decentralized government.

According to Mr. Fernando, “There is no description of online identity in Kenya and the blockchain will sort this issue. I have talked to the blockchain taskforce and told them we can only achieve private blockchain the way we’ve done at NTSA. All we need to know is your I.D. and everything else is collected.”

One Identity Across the Board

According to Wangila, the blockchain will help connect and link all the parastatals and government records with a single PIN.

“By having one I.D. all the other systems will be linked. When you’re born, you should be born with your PIN and all the other documents will be linked to that single PIN.”

Mr. Fernando clearly understands what it will take to implement the blockchain and his efforts to push for adoption of this great technology are to be commended.