EOS Nairobi Secures Position as an EOS StandBy Block Producer

EOS Nairobi Team Members

Status Update – Statement from EOS Nairobi

Yesterday the EOS MainNet went Live.

EOS Nairobi was able to secure a position as a standby Block Producer.

EOS Nairobi Team Members

This means that we are currently among the back up BPs supporting the network.

We expect the number of standby BPs to grow to include the 100 Back Ups as initially envisioned. We thank you for your continued support, votes and Prayers.

The work is not finished, in fact it has just began. Its time to deliver on the promise of EOS, to secure Life Liberty and Property.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind the EOS token holders that voting is cyclical and will continue into the future. It’s your responsibility to vote for Block Producers who create most value for the EOS global community.

About EOS

EOS Protocol uses the delegated proof-of-stake with 21 block producers creating blocks and managing the network. Standby block producers ensure the network remains functional in case any of the 21 block producers is disqualified.