ChamaPesa to Screen a Social Savings Documentary on June 22, 2018, in Nairobi

ChamaPesa to screen a documentary about the power of social savings in Kenya
ChamaPesa to screen a documentary about the power of social savings in Kenya

If you are not in a chama, you probably know someone who is in one. Kenya has close to 1.2 million chamas of women, men and young people that do everything from fundraising for weddings to biashara to investing in mega real estate projects.

ChamaPesa has organized a meetup that will include a screening of its first documentary in Nairobi, Kenya at Nairobi, Metta, located off 14 Riverside, Belgravia Building, 6th Floor Wing A.

The meetup is a fun evening of networking and thought provoking activities on the socioeconomic force of social savings groups in Kenya and wider Africa.

On this evening, ChamaPesa will be screening Comparative Advantage, a short film about the powerful force of chamas and social savings groups in Kenya.

The evening will open up to engaging activities that include the following:

  • Uncover why we all love chamas.
  • What chamas, or social savings groups, mean to us.
  • How we can achieve our aspirations by leveraging group dynamics.

The event will run from 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM.

It will be hosted by the popular MC, Olivia Munoru of and will include some networking, mixing and mingling over drinks and bitings.

To register for free, visit: ChamaPesa Event


See map below for directions:

Event Location: Metta, Nairobi


About ChamaPesa

Chamapesa is a ledger-keeping and social networking app for chamas across East Africa built on the Blockchain. The app gives participants the ability to share a ledger that is up to date where participants in a network will act as publishers and subscribers. Furthermore, each Chama can receive or send a transaction to others, and data is updated across all Chamas in the network as it is transferred.