First Health Spa in Nairobi to Accept Bitcoin and Dash

Health Land Spa is an assorted health spa services center in Nairobi, Kenya, that is now accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Dash.

According to the owner, Tony Mwongera, part of the reason the business started to accept bitcoin was to avoid business losses and ensure accountability.

“There was so much theft in my business. So, I decided, why don’t I use technology which is safe and secure and I decided to accept the bitcoin mode of payment.” Said Tony.

Tony Mwongera is the owner of Health Land Spa, which accepts Bitcoin and Dash as payment.

The health spa is the first of its kind to start accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dash and enable crypto holders enjoy health and beauty treatment services such as massages and pedicures while paying for it using crypto.

Betty’s Place in Nyeri was one of the first business outlets to start accepting cryptocurrencies in Kenya and the wave seems to be slowly catching up.