A Chat with Chief Data Scientist, I&M Bank Kenya, Chris Orwa, Talking Blockchain and Crypto

Chris Orwa is the Lead Data Scientist, I&M Bank Kenya

We caught up with Chris Orwa, the lead data scientist, I&M Bank Kenya, during the Trescon Global World AI Show to discuss data analysis, blockchain, and crypto in relation to the banking industry.

Chris is a recognized Kenyan data scientist who also blogs regularly on blackorwa.com where he analyzes various consumer services while offering a unique data analysis methodology.

When it comes to crypto adoption however, Chris is not very optimistic due to a lack of viable use cases especially around the banking industry.

“Crypto is not an attractive asset for banks [..] I see crypto slowing down. My prediction, I could be wrong. For blockchain, I think, there is yet someone to get it and have a homerun. It could be a large organization that already has a prouct and they could just layer blockchain. I’m watching the space to see who will have a homerun with it.”

Chris believes a lot of the work in the financial data analysis is invisible and is towards a better understanding of the customer. He believes AI will be used to create new products and enhance current efficiencies.


About Chris Orwa

Chris Orwa is the Lead Data Scientist at I&M Bank Kenya and a Data Journalist with Nation Media. He regularly blogs on his website https://blackorwa.com/ where he provides data analysis on different topics, industries, and opinions.