[VIDEO] Africa’s Second Largest Browser, Opera, Now Supports Bitcoin Payments on Android

The Internet browser, Opera, has added support for Bitcoin payments to its latest version 54 of the Android app.

The added functionality now enables Android users to send and receive bitcoins via the browser’s inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet, which also supports Ethereum.

Opera is Africa’s second largest browser. Here is the mobile browser market share in Africa as of September 2019:

  • Chrome – 60.79%
  • Opera – 16.66%
  • Safari – 12.23%
  • Firefox – 6.42%
  • UC Browser – 2.09%
  • Android – 0.76%

In a statement, Opera said:

“In addition to our existing support for Ethereum (ETH), version 54 is introducing support for Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most popular crypto currency. You can now choose to add a Bitcoin card to your wallet, making it possible to send and receive money from the web.”

Opera has also added support for the Tron blockchain and Tron DApps.

In June, Opera released a web browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet for iOS users.

According to Opera, the new app version is designed to help you get what you want as quickly as possible in both look and feel. As a result, the inbuilt crypto wallet follows the same line of thinking – you should be able to access it as fast as possible.
NB: BitcoinKE News is also available and accessible on the Opera Mobile Browser.