Latest Research: 42% of Blockchain Industry Employees Work at Exchanges

A new research which analyzed 158 companies exclusively involved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies has revealed that 42 percent of employees work at digital exchanges.

The study shows that 7,700 people (42%) are working at 30 different exchanges.

Below is the employee breakdown by specific blockchain verticals:

  • 42% – Digital Currency Exchanges
  • 11% – Crypto Mining Equipment Firms
  • 10% – Cryptocurrency Governing Foundations

Among the cryptocurrency governing foundations found to have the largest number of employees included Ripple, TRON, Block.One, and IOHK.

Below are companies that take the lead in terms of the numbers of people employed:

Interest in Crypto has seen rise in 2019 in Comparison to 2018

A recent 2019 research by Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency trading platform, which looked at the world’s top 50 universities, found that 56 percent have a blockchain or crypto class available.

This is an increase from 42 percent in 2018.

In Africa, digital exchanges also account for the largest number of employees in the blockchain and crypto space with the largest exchanges based in South Africa and Nigeria.