[VIDEO] Akoin Cryptocurrency for Africa Expected to Launch in Early 2020

Akon, the reknowned Senegale rapper, is set to launch the Akoin cryptocurrency in early 2020.

Speaking about the cryptocurrency for the African continent, Akon said:

“One of our biggest issues and problems in Africa has always been corruption. Corruption is the reason the continent has never been grown to become a superpower. We want to be able to kill corruption through the blockchain and starting with currency is the biggest thing.”

Speaking on the value that the Akoin cryptocurrency will deliver, he added:

“Being able to make your own decisions financially is the key. A lot of the things in Africa are not controlled by Africans and I think this will give Africa their whole resources and ideas and be able to utilize the continent to their own benefit.”

The Akoin cryptocurrency is tied to cell phone minutes and has partnered with BitMinutes to enable this.