New Vision, Uganda’s Leading News Daily Podcast, Talks Cryptocurrencies Following Recent Crypto Scams

In light of the recent revelations of crypto scams happening in Uganda, East Africa, one of the leading dailies in the country, New Vision, has published a podcast discussing cryptocurrencies.

Click here to listen to podcast (12:34 minutes)

The podcast discusses the following topics:

The podcast advises users and investors to be careful and to take time to research on cryptocurrencies before investing their money.


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The podcast also advised listeners to learn how to trade themselves by opening account themselves and take time to understand.

“The thing is, losing is very easy, but if you are interested, you will also gain in a very short time.” ~ Eric, Guest Speaker, New Vision Podcast

Recently, the Blockchain Association of Uganda, has also been putting out valuable educational content to help Ugandans make informed decisions when investing in cryptocurrencies.


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