[VIDEO] The ABCD Africa StableCoin is Now Ready and Allows Transfers in 1 Second at a Cost of 1 US Cent

The Africa stablecoin, ABCD, is now ready and users across Africa are open to test it out and see how it works.

Speaking to BitcoinKE, Atsu Davoh, CEO of BitSika, the company behind the ABCD stablecoin project said:

“I wish the community can support us and objectively review what we do and aggressively keep us in check as far as building something practical. We want to attempt to build the first useful stablecoin for everyday people this year.”

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While ABCD is only currently available on BitSika, it is available and accessible across Africa. Users can simply deposit Bitcoin, Cedis, CFA and Naira via BitSika, convert it to ABCD and make the transfer.

“Try it and hold some ABCD and see how convenient it is. If you can’t spend ABCD, you can withdraw back to Naira without any downtime.”


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