2020 International Women’s Day – Recognizing and Celebrating Top Women in the Blockchain Space in Africa

Today is International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day (March 8, 2020) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

We took time to talk to the top women in Africa playing a huge rule in advancing the blockchain and crypto space on the African continent.

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Despite the challenges facing the African continent, these relentless women continue to push for growth and adoption of blockchain, bitcoin, and other emerging technologies becoming a big influence to both men and women on the continent with a population of 1.3 billion people.

Here are their visions and missions when it comes to their work in the space:

  • Doris Ojuederie (Founder, Blockchain African Ladies): The blockchain tech has come to change the way we interact and do everything. I’m reaching out to women across Africa through the Blockchain African Ladies organization to help them interact and for financial inclusion


  • Alakanani Itireleng (Founder, Satoshi Center, Botswana): My vision is to push for Bitcoin adoption in Botswana. We hold meetups and free trainings that not only empower but also push for adoption


  • Ruth Iselema (CEO, BitMama): My vision is to see crypto used more often in most things we do, to leverage on the blockchain to ensure we have viable use cases in Africa and we can also be adaptable in other parts of the world


  • IB MacDonald (CEO, Crypto Harvest): My vision is to help women, especially in Nigeria and Africa, to have sustainable financial stability by imparting knowledge to help them develop skill in wealth creation through crypto-trading and bitcoin through women training. Our ultimate goal is women empowerment


  • Roselyne Wanjiru (CMO, KeshoLabs): My vision is to see young people empowered to take advantage of the digital age and emerging technologies for empowerment. In line with that, my mission is thus to equip, empower, and encourage young people to step up to the plate as contributors, not just consumers in the digital economy


  • Roselyn Gicira (Chairwoman, Blockchain Association of Kenya): We must strive to keep up with technological advancements in the 4IR era. As a community, we must strive to be represented across all sectors, embrace, and advance technological innovations that will transform our communities


  • Faith Obafemi (Digital & Blockchain Lawyer): Blockchain adoption is at a critical stage where education needs to overtake speculation. Educating here is equally vital for students, children, women, men, and of course our governments


  • Juliana Mwangi (CFO, KuBitX): It is imperative for women to be at the 4IR table. They play an integral role in shaping the growth of any economy. My vision is to see more women representation in the blockchain space


  • Yaliwe Soko (Chairwoman, United Africa Blockchain Association): It is our responsibility as women to be fore-bearers of the change that has come to us. Blockchain and crypto have given me a voice and a chance in a world full of bureaucracies. It can do the same for other women too


  • Faith Titus (Co-Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group): Blockchain technology was born for Africa. Educating people in practice is essential and teaching them how to implement blockchain technology in their primary business operations will help them achieve better financial enhancements and experience the impact first hand




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