Introducing the New African BMToken on the Ethereum Blockchain



Beep Magnet, a blockchain-focused Nigerian company that has been in the market for the last 4 years, has taken a bold step to develop a new ERC-20 Token that runs on Ethereum Blockchain which will support and scale up her consumer loyalty adoption for Africa – the Beepmagnet Token (BMToken).

The company already runs its own BMCT blockchain, a bybrid Blockchain that combines POW, POS, and Master Nodes algorithms for its BMCT coins.

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The new BeepMagnet token (BMToken) will support BMCT coin as a SWAP token for BMCT and also a token that merchants can accept in their businesses.

Currently, BMCT coins are used on the following platforms:

  • SisiBox
  • QtradeAi
  • Global Empowerment Initiative ( GEI)
  • BMCToken GiFT Card
  • Laundry Mart
  • MobDoctor
  • SiSipower
  • Zardicon
  • BMCToken Mastercard

According to the company, the future of consumer loyalty and reward using the BMCT Coin and the BMToken, with the combination of these two blockchains, guarantees trust, transparency, speed, and decentralization.

We want to see a time when consumers will reject Gift card points or loyalty points that are not powered with blockchain technology, which limits the consumer to speed or redeem loyalty value only at the place it was given.” ~ Beep Magnet

Visit the company website and follow them across their social media handles below:

Twitter: @BMCToken & @beepmagnet



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