[WATCH] Introducing Paystack Commerce – A Toolkit Allowing African Entrepreneurs Sell Physical and Digital Products Online

PayStack, one of the largest digital payment processing firms in Nigeria and Africa, has launched Paytack Commerce, a seller toolkit to African brands and creators.

Paystack Commerce will allow African brands and creators use the Paystack Dashboard for payments, invoices, and subscription features every month to power sales.

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Paystack has recently been partnering with crypto exchanges and blockchain firms, acting as a payment gateway, in order to process transactions.

The company has said that PayStack Commerce will allow a variety of payment modes. We are not sure if they will allow crypto payment processing, but looking at their parnerships with crypto firms, it would not be farfetched to conclude crypto payments might be allowed, either via a Nigerian crypto exchange or directly by Paystack.

Currently, Paystack charges are as follows:

  • 1.5% + 100 NGN for local transactions
  • 3.9% + 100 NGN for international transactions

In addition, the 100 NGN fee is waived for transactions under 2,000 NGN

Paystack’s partnership with African crypto exchanges like NaijaCrypto, TerraBit, and Luno opens up an opportunity for African merchants to make crypto payments for good and services via the Paystack Commerce toolkit.



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