[PODCAST] How BitRefill is Enabling Africans Live on Crypto with Frank Deya


We caught up with Frank Deya, a pioneer blockchain and crypto advocate from Kenya, pushing for blockchain and crypto adoption on the African continent.

Frank has worked with various startups in the Kenyan space that are using or implementing blockchain to solve real world problems in the country.

One of the startups Frank has worked with is Bitsoko, the first blockchain company in Kenya which got funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in its early days, as well as other startups over the years.

In this podcast, discussed at length,the BitRefill platform, use cases, and how anyone living across Africa can use crypto to purchase airtime, settlements, and other services.

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Bitrefill is one of the few crypto platforms on the continent offering a real use case. According to Frank, mobile refills using the service is one of the most common and upcoming use cases in Africa.

In this podcast, Deya breaks down the following for us:

  • Tell us about yourself and your history in the blockchain / crypto space
  • What is BitRefill?
  • What services are available on BitRefill?
  • How can someone who lives in Africa use BitRefill?
  • How do you personally use BitRefill?
  • What is the level of penetration of BitRefill in Africa?
  • What role do you feel this platform will play in crypto adoption in Africa?
  • What giveaway do you have to our listeners?
  • Where do you see blockchain and crypto in 5-10 years across Africa?

To learn more about BitRefill, check out the resource below:


NB: We shall be selecting two winners for the Bitrefill vouchers. Send an email with your BitRefill account to: [email protected]


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