A Comparison of Bitzlato’s Referral Program with Competitors

The Bitzlato referral program gives everyone who likes the platform the opportunity to earn income from inviting new users to the P2P exchanger and the Exchange.

It’s quite simple: you give a new user your personal referral link and when he or she clicks on it, this one becomes your referral. From this time and forever, Bitzlato rewards you for your referrals’ trades.

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Today we’d like to talk about the benefits of the Bitzlato referral program. We have conducted a comparative analysis of several popular services affiliate programs that work in P2P format, and we affirm that Bitzlato offers its users one of the most generous affiliate programs in the crypto space. 

In this article, we will tell you more about the terms of the referral program and compare it with those of its competitors.

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P2P referral program conditions

Being Bitzlato`s referral partner means that when your referrals make transactions you are rewarded as follows:

  1. 0.04% of the maker’s deal, i.e. the trader you referred who created the buy or sell ad.
  2. 0.16% of a taker’s deal, i.e. the user you referred who responded to a trader’s ad.

The remuneration payment period is not limited in time. You will receive a reward all the time your referral makes transactions in the service.

The maximum percentage of referral payout from one transaction is 0.2%. This amount is paid when both members of the transaction turn out to be your referrals. The amount paid in this case is almost half of the service commission!

Commission for taker operations

Bitzlato has a system of commissions, in which only makers pay fees in favor of the service. These are the traders who create their own ad to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Their fee is 0.5%. Those who simply respond to proposals do not face additional costs.

However, for members of the affiliate program, this does not mean that they will receive income only from their maker referrals. For partners, the maker’s commission is divided between both parties of the transaction so that the person who invited them can always receive income from their transactions.

  1. If your referral creates an ad, then the service commission is 0.5%, and a partner gets 0.04% of it.
  2. If your referral responds to other people’s ads, then no commission is charged from him, but you still get 0.16% from each of his transaction`s value.

Why is it important? Most referrals come to the platform as takers. Thus, the main feature that makes the program extremely profitable is that of all the P2P platforms, Bitzlato is the only one that gives a satisfactory referral program return from takers.


Comparison with other P2P exchangers

The table above shows the main parameters of some popular cryptocurrency trading P2P  platforms referral programs. As you can see, only  two of them pay significant reward for the deals of referral takers: Bitzlato, where your commission will be 0.16%, and LocalBitcoins, where you will receive 0.20% for each taker’s deal.

This seems like a lot more, but keep in mind that the LocalBitcoins referral program is limited to only three months, while the Bitzlato affiliate is unlimited. At Bitzlato, you will receive a reward all the time your referral makes trades.

On all other sites, the reward for a referral taker`s deal is either completely absent, as on Paxful and Remitano, or quite insignificant — from 0.02%, as on CoinCola, to 0.05%, as on LocalCrypto. At the same time, inviting a taker to the Bitzlato platform is very easy, because here there`s no commission for those who respond to ads. For comparison, on LocalCrypto the taker fee is 0.75%, on CoinCola 0.1%, and on Remitano as much as 1%.

In addition to these benefits, any user whose income through the referral program has already reached 0.05 BTC and above can apply for access to the closed section of the PROref forum. There you can always discuss the referral program of existing and future Bitzlato services with other community members and platform management.


Start earning bonuses with the Bitzlato referral program now!

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