Bitzlato, a Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange, Launches in Kenya as the First African Market


There are a number of ways when it comes to buying bitcoins. It is much like the traditional foreign exchange market, but at a disadvantageous rate, with regulatory restrictions and fees. Alternatively, you can buy bitcoins directly from other individuals through P2P exchangers such as Bitzlato.

The company started its work in 2016 with a crypto-exchange called launched on Telegram, the first of its kind on the platform. Users immediately liked it since it made it possible to exchange cryptocurrency in a few minutes. 

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Bitzlato now occupies 1st place in the CIS market in terms of volume among P2P-exchangers. In 2018, it expanded into a considerable crypto platform, including an exchange, a P2P platform, a mining pool, and secure wallet services.

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Today, Bitzlato unites several products, the audience of which already exceeds 2 million users. The monthly turnover of the system exceeds 4,000 BTC ($30+ mln), the daily turnover of the peer-to-peer platform is $1.5 mln — approximately 9K transactions per day.

The main feature of the Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange resource is a P2P opportunity.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a decentralized network which works on a person to person principle. In the Bitzlato case, P2P means that the exchange happens between two individuals registered on the platform.

You can buy, you can sell, or you can do both. The platform acts only as a guarantor of the transaction.

Bitzlato is expanding to new markets in Africa while also looking for partnerships with traders in Africa who will make Bitzlato their marketplace. 

Some exclusive features of Bitzlato P2P:

  • No strict KYC policy. You do not need to pass verification on the platform to participate in cryptocurrency trading. Regulators are strict about operations on professional platforms, but when it comes to P2P, this area can’t be seen by power structures. These are just operations that individuals perform among themselves


  • The system fees range from 0% to scanty 0.5%. 0% — if you respond to another user’s ad, 0.5% — if somebody responded to your ad, there is commission-free trading for everyone on weekends


  • There are six types of cryptocurrencies available for P2P trading: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, DASH, DOGE


  • Bitzlato has one of the most profitable affiliate programs. With its help, you can receive up to 100% of the commissions paid by your affiliates (contact Bitzlato representative in Kenya to find out about this offer). At the same time, the remuneration payment period is not limited in time. You receive a reward all the time the person you invited makes transactions in the service. Regular reward for affiliate program is 8% from the fees of your affiliate who has created an add and 32% if your affiliate has responded to an ad. Besides that, the platform constantly runs promotions during which you reward is doubled and also Bitzlato offers special conditions to traders on the new markets who are willing to cooperate


  • The service holds weekly promotions that help users trade more profitably. For example, on weekends, the service does not charge any commissions for trading all available cryptocurrencies, and for carrying out at least one transaction for any amount, you will receive a voucher for free withdrawal of cryptocurrencies to a third-party wallet


  • In addition to all of the above, the service often holds promotions and raffles among its users, for example, doubling the income from the referral program; gives pizza to all its users, and regularly raffles valuable gifts among users


  • 2Monolith – Bitzlato allows you to instantly change your cryptocurrency into stablecoin USDT, if you are worried that during your absence the rate may fall


Summarizing, Bitzlato is:

  • A modern and reliable platform for p2p cryptocurrency exchange;
  • One of the world leaders in p2p exchange with huge user-count and daily turnovers
  • Low fees and lots of promotions for clients;
  • One of the best affiliate programs among p2p platforms;
  • Support for a large number of payment options. The system supports banking systems of 28 countries, electronic money and other tools;
  • The possibility of “concreting” cryptocurrency. To not be afraid of rate jumps, you can use the exchanger’s particular service to convert funds to Tether USD or Monolith;
  • High security. BTC is not debited from the wallet until the transaction is successfully completed;
  • The ability to choose a convenient way to exchange bitcoins. You can make it via website or Telegram chatbot;
  • For traders, Bitzlato also has an exchange for trading cryptocurrencies in real-time.

In general, the service will be useful for those who want to make a one-time exchange and those who need a reliable platform for regular exchange transactions with bitcoins.

The management team believes that its entrance into the African market will give cryptocurrency traders a chance to not only trade but also facilitating borderless remittances to wallet-holders to send money anywhere in the world





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