Bitcoin and Tesla are the Most Viewed Assets on Our Platform in 2020, Says Popular Trading Tool, Trading View

Bitcoin and Tesla are the most viewed assets in 2020 on Trading View.

In a statement, Trading View released the stats which showed Tesla stock taking the top spot followed by Bitcoin.

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Below are some of the stats from the report:

  • Tesla – Stock has tripled in price in 2020
  • Bitcoin – Up in value by 60% in 2020
  • Boeing – The 3rd most viewed stock in 2020
  • Apple – Up in value by 53% in 2020

In the statement, Trading View said:

“While publicly traded companies like Apple are nearing a $2 trillion market cap, it looks like traders and investors still aren’t paying that much attention. For now, the data clearly shows that Tesla and Bitcoin are the two assets everyone is looking at most often.”

Trading view is a cloud-based social platform for traders as well as an independent charting and analysis tool. You get educational trading expert ideas and content in form of notes, charts, pictorials, and videos. It enables you to streaming within the trading platform.

TradingView is one of the world’s most popular charting sites with millions of users. You can also trade and make orders directly on Trading View. Influential traders have big followings on the platform.

Almost all crypto exchanges incorporate Trading View which makes up the main interface that helps you monitor live crypto activity on an exchange.

It is the go-to entry level charting platform for most enthusiasts and beginners getting started with general trading technical analysis. It is a popular tool for fundamental investors as it provides important company information to inform their trading direction.

The Basic subscription enables basic charting capabilities and market data feeds. The higher the tier, the more access you get to advanced features. The tool encompasses stocks, futures, forex markets, and cryptocurrencies and is a preferred platform for technical analysis experts.

Trading View pulls price data feeds from exchanges and then displays it on a chart where then a price analyst can manipulate and engage with the data using advanced analysis tools.

At BitcoinKE, our main teaching tool on the BitKE Markets Podcast and Catapult Series has included trainings on how to understand and use Trading View in order to have a better understanding of the crypto space.



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