Nigerian Crypto Trading Platform, SendCash, Launches in Ghana Just 6 Months Since Nigeria Launch

SendCash, a leading Nigerian cryptocurrency trading platform, has launched its service in Ghana, just 6 months after it launched in Nigeria in April 2020.

SendCash is an innovative product that enables Nigerians to easily send and receive bitcoins right into their bank accounts instantly. The receiver simply receives the equivalent of the sent bitcoins in Naira without directly interacting with bitcoin.

SEE ALSOSendCash – Send and Receive Bitcoin to Your Bank Account in Nigeria

In just 6 months, SendCash has facilitated over $6.5 million in transfers from all around the world.

SendCash now links to your Ghanaian bank or mobile money account to a bitcoin wallet address and when anybody sends bitcoin to that wallet address, the Cedi equivalent is automatically deposited into your bank account.

The sender can buy or send bitcoin from any platform, including Cash App or Coinbase.

SendCash does not require its users to interact with bitcoin. They simply send money to family or friends in Ghana who know nothing about bitcoin.

Users are also not required to sign up for the service. They simply input the account number they want to send money to and that’s it.

SendCash is a product of BuyCoins Africa, one of the largest and most popular crypto exchanges in Nigeria with over 1 billion in Naira P2P transactions per month (approx. $2.6m).

The exchange recently partnered with Paxful, the largest P2P crypto platform in Africa, enabling Nigerian users to use the Naira stablecoin (NGNT), a product of BuyCoins Africa, on Paxful.

BuyCoins says it plans to launch SendCash in other African countries in order to make it easy for more people to transfer money without having to interface with crypto in any way.



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