Short the Dollar Against the South African Rand if Biden Wins, Advises One of the Largest Banks in America


A number of large American corporations have advised their investors to short the dollar against a number of currencies, including the South African Rand, in the odds of a Biden win fearing that it may tumble to 2018 lows.

In a series of statements, these corporations have recommended investors to short the dollar against a volatility-weighted basket consisting of:

South African Rand performance against the US Dollar in 2020

On the flip side, the corporations recommend buying the following against the dollar:

  • The Euro
  • The Canadian Dollar
  • The Australian Dollar

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They also recommend keeping open long recommendations for the Yuan through unhedged Chinese government bonds.

The corporations that have publicly come out include:

  • Goldman Sachs – One of the top 5 largest banks in the US
  • UBS Asset Management – One of the largest hedge funds and real estate investment managers in the world
  • Invesco Ltd – One of the world’s largest independent investment management firms

The prediction of a weaker dollar comes at a time when the presidential polls put Biden ahead of Trump just two weeks to the presidential election on November 3, 2020.

The SA Rand is one of the worst performing major currencies in 2020 amid the coronavirus crisis. A Biden win will likely put further pressure on the Rand resulting in higher inflation rates and a continued struggling economy beyond 2021 and 2022.


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