One Crypto ATM is Added Every Hour in 2020 – Africa Still Lagging Behind

New crypto ATMs are coming online at a rate of one ATM per hour, according to the latest statistics from Coin ATM Radar, the most trusted crypto ATM tracker.

This remarkable increase however is largely concentrated in North America.

Africa however continues to lag behind with less than 10 crypto ATM machines on the entire continent.

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Below are some stats so far in 2020:

  • First bitcoin ATM launched in 2013
  • Bitcoin is the most supported crypto

  • Litecoin is the second most supported crypto
  • Ether is the third most supported crypto
  • 6, 372 crypto ATMs in 2019
  • 11, 665 crypto ATMs in 2020 (so far)

  • 23 crypto ATMs are being added every day – nearly one new ATM per hour
  • Approximately 11 crypto ATMs were installed daily in 2019
  • United States recorded the fastest spread and the largest share in the world in 2020
  • 4, 213 crypto ATMs in US in 2019
  • 9, 242 crypto ATMs in US in 2020 (so far) – 50%+ increase
  • 802 machines came online in US in October 2020 alone – nearly 20 ATMs per day

  • Genesis Coin is the largest crypto ATM manufacturer at 36% market share

  • US accounts for 79.2% of total crypto ATMs in the world

  • US is the most diverse in the spread of crypto ATMs – shops, hubs, shopping centers etc

  • Took 7 years to move from 0 to 10, 000 bitcoin ATMs
  • Around 30% of all ATMS support only bitcoin transactions

Interesting fact: After the first 3.5 years there were 1000 active bitcoin ATMs in operation, over the next 3.5 years this figure has increased by 9000 ATMs more

Below is the breakdown of the top 5 countires with the largest number of crypto ATMs in 2020:

  • United States – 9, 242
  • Canada – 959

  • United Kingdom – 282

  • Hong Kong – 148
  • Spain – 109

The significant growth in crypto ATMS in 2020 demonstrates the growing interest among retail buyers and financial institutions in crypto, a sign of its increasing acceptance across the board.

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