[PODCAST] The Inspiration Behind Bundle Africa – Africa’s Highly Successful Social Payments App for Crypto and Cash

We caught up with Yele Bademosi, the founder and CEO of Bundle Africa

Bundle Africa is a social payments app for cash or crypto. With Bundle, you can send cash or cryptocurrency to any phone number in Nigeria for free.

Bundle Africa recently achieved a milestone of 85, 000 users in just 6 months and continues to exhibit positive sentiments online.

While the service is currently only available in Nigeria, the company is looking to expand into other countries, especially in markets like Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa, as demand for the social payments app continues to gain traction.

“How do you create a product that people love? The first thing is you start with a problem and try to solve it as best as possible.” ~ Yele, CEO, Bundle Africa

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Yele dives deep into what inspired him and continues to inspire the Bundle Africa team when it comes to creating the look and feel of the app as well as the unique security features.

In this podcast, Yele answers the following questions:

  • What was the inspiration behind Bundle Africa?
  • You define Bundle Africa as a social payments app. What is a social payments app?
  • How has your experience at Microtraction and Binance Labs influenced Bundle?
  • The Bundle look and feel is very artistic. What was the inspiration behind it?
  • What inspired the unique security features on Bundle?
  • Bundle has very positive social sentiments. Why do you think people love Bundle?
  • What are you thoughts on the Nigerian market and the recent crypto regulation?
  • Any expansion plans beyond Nigeria? How soon can we expect that?
  • Can we expect Bundle Africa to actively get into the DeFi space?
  • What advice do you have for crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs on the continent?

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