[WATCH] Celo Foundation Wave 3, Q4, 2020, Grants Program Now Open to Blockchain Projects in Africa

The Celo Wave 3 call for proposals of the Celo Foundation Grants Program is now open to all entrepreneurs across Africa.

Celo has now put out a Call for Proposal that seeks to fund projects in Africa that are looking to launch on the Celo blockchain ecosystem.

The deadline for applications is November 20, 2020. Apply here

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Till to date since the first cohort of grant applications in early 2020, 26 out of 237 applications submitted were from Africa.

Out of the 26 submissions, below are the African winners of the grant funding so far:

According to the Celo blog, the new wave is particularly interested in the following projects across the continent:


  • DeFi tooling – Projects that support oracle decentralization, crypto trading bots, lending platforms, automated market makers and open APIs on Celo


  • Wallets and cUSD integrations – Projects building robust wallet ecosystems enabling support for Celo on Ledger, iOS, eCommerce plugins, Web UI, cUSD custody services, offline network transactions, and MetaMask among others


  • Developer tools – Projects that support Celo developers such as Web IDEs for solidity development, and meta-transaction services/relayers  for frictionless onboarding / UX


  • Celo voting tools – Projects that enable on-technical Celo native asset holders to vote for validator groups and on-chain governance proposals such as voting wallets/Dappkits, voting guidance services, and off-chain governance tools for pre-viewing proposals


  • Protocol research / validator tooling – Projects that support the Ethereum ecosystem enabling such things as EVM performance enhancing and investigative tools, on-chain bridging tools, threshold signature schemes, and Wasm support tools


  • Celo data tooling – Apps, services and APIs that easily connect to Celo nodes enabling observation and listening of on-chain transactions and events, indexing and fast access service from Celo blockchain contracts, and provision of webhook notifications


  • Low barrier access tools – These reduce onboarding friction for Celo such as solutions for feature phones / physical cards, on / off-ramps, cUSD-fiat conversion APIs, credit cards, and online directories showing where Celo is available


  • Celo use cases – Solutions that expand interaction with Celo currencies such as PoS, inventory, earning services like freelancing, savings tools like gamification and micro-savings, lending services like P2P lending and loan groups, local economies and currencies, decentralized marketplances, and tokenized assets


  • Celo use promotions – Creative initiatives to grow the Celo ecosystem such as earnings programs, referral, rewards, cashbacks, agent networks, and P2P marketplaces


  • Celo education and tutorials – Proposals to educate, engage, and tell stories about Celo through a variety of medium via content creation and education for Web3 developers / entrepreneurs, event hosting, researching, and designing creator incentive systems, increasing Celo ecosystem awareness, and creation of mobile-only content and education



  • Application Deadline: November 20, 2020
  • Interviews: November 30, 2020 – December 4, 2020
  • Announcement: January 4, 2021
  • Sign Up Linkhttp://bit.ly/CeloGrants-Wave3




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