Central Bank of Tanzania Governor Gets a Signed Copy of the Latest Swahili Book on Blockchain

The Central Bank of Tanzania (BoT) Governor, Professor Florens Luoga, has received a signed copy of the recently launched book on blockchain titled “Jielimishe Kuhusu Blockchain” or ‘Teach Your Blockchain.’

The book was handed to him by the book author, Sandra Chogo, during a conference organized by the Institute of Risk Management of Tanzania.

The book was recommended to the Governor by the Managing Director of the National Board of Accountants and Auditors of Tanzania (NBAA) who has bought and read the book himself.


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Apprently, the Governor was quite excited to receive the book and personally requested for a photo and an endorsement from the author by having his copy signed.

In 2019, the Central Bank of Tanzania (BoT) put out a public notice on cryptocurrencies warning against trading, marketing, and usage of cryptocurrencies stating this is contrary to existing foreign exchange regulations.

The statement cautioned members of the public to beware of involvement in the virtual currencies, as they are not legally authorized in Tanzania.

In the same year, BoT also published an FAQ handbook that included questions and responses around cryptocurrencies.

The handbook particularly touched on cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology, and the key characteristics of cryptocurrencies. It also listed the bank’s position on cryptocurrencies while recommending the following approaches:

  • Warning to public about the dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Finding lasting solutions to the monetary problem
  • Educating the finance experts on cryptocurrencies

In an exclusive with Bitcoin KE, the book author, Sandra Chogo, says the BoT seem to be taking a more positive stance toward cryptocurrencies and the recent Swahili book on blockchain, which is already getting great reception within government and key institutions in Tanzania, is obviously helping towards education along these lines.

This is the first Swahili book on blockchain and is now available for purchase at only $16 via this link: https://bit.ly/Buy-SwahiliBlockchainBook


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