CRYPTO LEGAL GUIDE: The Cryptocurrency Regulatory Framework in Kenya by Global Legal Insights

Global Legal Insights, a leading global legal outlet, has published a blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation 2021 guide for anyone looking to understand the regulatory space in Kenya.

The free guide reviews the various legal requirements and hurdles for companies, brands, and individuals venturing into the crypto space in the country.


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Among the chapter topics covered include:

  • The government attitude and reception towards cryptocurrencies
  • The current cryptocurrency regulation in Kenya
  • Crypto taxation in Kenya
  • Money transmission and AML requirements
  • Ownership and licensing of crypto investments
  • Crypto mining regulation
  • Crypto reporting regulation in Kenya
  • Crypto estate planning and testamentary succession legality

A recent report by Chainalysis, a leading global analytics firm on cryptocurrencies, ranked Kenya among the top 5 countries in global cryptocurrency activity.

Paxful, the largest P2P Bitcoin exchange in Africa, recently released a report showing that it had registered over 60, 000 new users and processed over $40 million in trade volumes in Kenya in 2020.


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