Uganda’s Blockchain Business Lead at CryptoSavannah Recognized as ‘Top 40 Men Under 40’ in Uganda

Uganda’s technology business leader at CryptoSavannah, Noah Baalessanvu, has been recognized among the top 40 under 40 men in Uganda.

Noah, who is a cyber-security expert, is also at the helm of the Blockchain Association of Uganda, one of the leading organizations spearheading blockchain adoption on the continent.


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Below is a breakdown of the ‘Top 40 Men Under 40’ list in Uganda and their fields of expertise:

  • Brian Ssenoga – Environmental Health Specialist (Environment)
  • Elvis Kadhama – Founder, Pearl Entrepreneurs Academy (Energy)
  • Noah Baalessanvu – Head, CryptoSavannah (Technology)
  • Albert Musinguzi – Head of Technology Support, MUWRP (Technology)
  • Ronald Katamba – Proprietor, Jaguza Tech (Information Technology)
  • Victor Paul Kawagga – CEO / Co-Founder, Axis Dynamics (Technology)
  • Aaron Kirunda – CEO, Enjuba (Education)
  • Emilio Mpimbaza – Founder, Haven for African Children (Philanthropy)

Noah leads CryptoSavannah, a digital transformation company using emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI, Big Data, AR, and 5G, to catalyze value creation and delivery in governments, businesses, and organizations.

A telecommunications graduate from Makerere, Noah got introduced into computing at an early age and has worked extensively in the telecommunications, cybersecurity, and computer forensics space consulting for both private and public entities in Uganda.

Noah is also the current chair of the National Information Advisory Group, the body responsible for critical infrastructure protection in terms of cyber security for the country.

Speaking to BitKE, Noah said:

“I got introduced to crypto back in 2011 / 2012. At that time, I had a dream of setting up an exchange to be able to give Ugandans access to bitcoin.

A couple of years later, we built Uganda’s first bitcoin exchange, Binusu, in 2016, which still runs till today. We would then found a company called Blockchain Technologies Africa which eventually became CryptoSavannah.

At that time, we realized there was a huge information gap. We started engaging the government and this culminated into the Blockchain African Conference 2018 hosted by the President of Uganda and former President of Mauritius. Then in 2019, it was hosted by the President again with the President of Sierra Leone. We also partnered with the World Economic Forum and the UN for the 2019 conference.

On the private side, we stopped talking about blockchain and started building solutions in government and the private sector to today where we are the leading blockchain company in Uganda. We are working on a number of large projects with government and private sector.”

Talking about the future of blockchain and its potential, Noah added:

“My view is that blockchain is going to become center stage of systems and dependence of centralized systems is going to be put under pressure because centralized systems come with centralized trust which is breaking down. The explosion of cryptocurrencies is an indicator of that frustration.

My view is that cryptocurrencies are soon going to become mainstream and stop being headline news. Traditional finance is going to imitate crypto.

Here in Africa we have less to loose by embracing new technologies since our legacy systems are still not as distributed. 

We now have that ability to leapfrog and this technology gives us the tools that allow us to embrace the new future of finance.”

                               – Noah, CryptoSavannah

Here is a chat with the Chairman, Blockchain Association of Uganda, after a successful 2019 African Blockchain Conference:


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