Luno, Africa’s Leading Crypto Exchange, Partners with Notabene to Enable Regulatory Compliance

Luno, one of the leading and fastest growing exchanges in Africa, has partnered with Notabene to enable the exchange roll out Travel Rule compliance across the jurisdictions it operates in.

The new partnership means that Luno will now be able to manage counterparty risks related to crypto transactions and meet the latest anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.


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Luno says it is delighted to partner with Notabene for Luno’s Travel Rule roll out initially in Singapore because of the company’s ‘protocol agnostic approach and decision to build a platform aimed at end-to-end compliance with the Travel Rule.

“We are confident that the integration with Notabene will mean that our customer’s Luno experience will remain as smooth as ever.”

                         – Sherry Goh, Country Manager, Luno, Singapore

Speaking about this partnership, Pelle Braendgaard, CEO, Notabene, said:

“With Luno’s continued commitment to compliance, it has brought safe crypto products to millions of consumers worldwide. We are excited to see how our product can help Luno continue on their mission to upgrade the world to a better financial system.”

                            – CEO, Notabene

Notabene helps crypto businesses manage regulatory and counterparty risks around transactions. It provides software, tools, and comprehensive data that helps their customers implement the new requirements of the FATF guidelines including the Travel Rule and identification of virtual asset accounts.

BitKE recently had an exclusive with Pelle, CEO, Notabene, to discuss his early beginnings while building the first bitcoin wallet that integrated with MPESA.

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