[PODCAST] Regulation in the Crypto Space – A Chat with CMO, Bitzlato P2P Crypto Marketplace

We sat down with Aleksandr Honcharenko, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Bitzlato (BZ), the latest P2P platform into the African space and one of the largest globally, to discuss crypto regulation across the different jurisdictions, particularly in Africa.


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In this discussion, we answer the following questions:

– The cryptocurrency market in Africa is still in the nascent stages and many people still do not understand how it works, hence high prevalence of cases of scamming around this space. What needs to be done to address this scamming challenge? Is Bitzlato undertaking any activities to improve crypto-literacy and crypto education in Africa?

– Regulation of firms operating in the cryptocurrencies space remains an important issue of discussion among African countries, such as Kenya and Nigeria. What is Bitzlato’s take on the current regulatory stance, and what are some of the ideas that you recommend in handling regulations around this Space?

– The price of Bitcoin has rallied since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic given the uncertainties around economic recovery. What does this mean for BTC as a store of value?


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