Introducing ARTDECO – A Community-Driven NFT DeFi Platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

ARTDECO is a community-driven NFT DeFi platform building a NFT Minting Dapp on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to enable digital artwork collectors mint their works as NFTs and connect them to sellers to trade seamlessly in the future.

The platform seeks to further venture into the non-fungible token industry and in the process help creators, artists and art collectors meet on a digital platform.


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Furthermore, the company is developing a social media platform for NFT creators, collectors and enthusiasts to enable them exchange ideas and also interact much closely.

Notably, the team developed its utility token dubbed ARTDECO, which enables the community to take part in governance issues. Besides, by holding the ARTDECO token, users can moderate creators, vote on proposals, stake their tokens to earn and curate featured artwork.

ARTDECO is currently holding a public sale on Bounce Finance, a decentralized auction protocol.

Reportedly, one ARTDECO token will cost $0.0003 during the Bounce Finance public sale. ARTDECO has a soft capitalization of 150 BNB, and a hard capitalization of 250 BNB.

The newly launched NFT Minting platform was developed on the Binance Smart Chain due to its scalability potential besides its cheap cost of transactions.

With ARTDECO’s NFT Minting platform, anyone can now mint their own NFTs that represent ownership in their digital work. By enabling global artists to mint their physical artwork to a digital representation, the platform enables the growth of the NFT industry on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

Non-Fungible Tokens are now becoming a popular trend in the crypto community, as celebrities and various businesses are talking about launching their own NFTs.

ARTDECO opens up a whole new opportunity for traditional and digital creators as ART/NFT meets decentralized finance.

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