United Nations Spotlights the Sarafu Blockchain Currencies Used in Informal Settlements in Kenya

The United Nations in Kenya (UN Kenya) has shone a spotlight on the impressive results coming from the adoption of Sarafu blockchain currencies currently being used to support vulnerable households’ access to basic needs.

The project, in partnership with the Kenya Red Cross and with support from the Danish Red Cross, employs a hybrid approach of unconditional cash transfer and the Sarafu Community Inclusion Currencies (CICs) to support livelihood recovery of communities who have been affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Following the success of the recovery program, in 2021, the Kenya Red Cross, in conjunction with the Danish Red Cross and Grassroots Economics, launched a basic income system called Sarafu Network to distribute the blockchain-based Sarafu token to anyone in Kenya.

According to the United Nations (Kenya):

“Residents have embraced the Sarafu #blockchain based evouchers system to buy and sell goods and services within Mukuru informal settlement, encouraging local circular economy and reducing poverty levels.”

                          – United Nations, Kenya

In 2018, BitKE highlighted the project while it was still in its nascent stages. 3 years later, the project has matured and stands as a testimony to the practical use case of blockchain in enabling financial inclusion especially across Africa.


About Sarafu

Sarafu is a Community Inclusion Currency that communities can use to trade with each other when national currency is scarce. It utilizes an application specific blockchain http://bloxberg.org as a backend ledgar with a USSD interface for people without internet.


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