[WATCH] Forget DeFi, Welcome to RealFi – A Chat with CEO, World Mobile, a Shared Mesh Network Connecting East Africa

BitKE caught up with Micky Watkins, CEO, World Mobile Group, to talk about the company’s recent moves within the East African market.

World Mobile recently launched the World Mobile Token (WMT) on the Cardano blockchain to help bring affordable internet and digital services within East Africa via a shared economy.


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In this discussion, we talk:

  • Introductions
  • Connecting the unconnected
  • Partnership with IOHK and Cardano
  • The WMT Token
  • Forget DeFi, welcome to RealFi
  • The mesh network connectivity in Africa
  • How East Africa is setting the pace
  • Regulation within East Africa
  • 2021 roadmap and beyond
  • The sharing economy


Learn more about World Mobile via the links below:


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