Introducing Sankore 2.0 – An Africa-Focused Community Integrating the NEAR Blockchain in Kenya

Sankore 2.0 (S2) is an Africa-focused community integrating the NEAR blockchain that has been conceived and built by local developers in Kenya.

S2 exists to bring full-spectrum evangelisation and development of Web3 products running on NEAR to the continent of Africa.

The spectrum includes:

  • Education
  • Web3 Content
  • Startup Promotion
  • Making Policy and Regulation Recommendations for Government
  • Supplying Technical Expertise to Enterprises
  • Developer Recruitment
  • Prototyping
  • Regional Community Development 
  • Cross-Community/Guild Collaboration
  • Events
  • University Outreach

In short, Sankore 2.0 operates as the primary development arm of the NEAR ecosystem in Africa on multiple levels. 


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Below is the S2 short-term roadmap:

  • September 2021 – Setting up S2 as a home for NEAR ecosystem projects in Nairobi for Kenya and for the continent of Africa
  • November 2021 – Launching the collaborating with policymakers, tech researchers and crypto experts in Africa to produce and incentivise Web3 content specific to the continent through investment, regulation & policy, while highlighting use cases and opportunities in Kenya

In the midst of this process, Sankore 2.0 will continue to actively recruit, market, create, and share information about the emergence of the crypto economy in Kenya, and the larger continent of Africa.

According to Kevin Imani, lead at Sankore 2.0:

“We welcome eager learners and budding entrepreneurs and provide training even to those who lack technical skills or professional experience in the sector. 

We stand by our saying that ‘we don’t disappoint, we execute.’ This is the philosophy that guides our productivity as an organisation and the quality of our products. Our members are judged by their level of commitment and productivity, which comes in many forms.”

                                     – Lead, Sankore 2.0

S2 has 3 initial activities to help Africa realize the massive potential Web3 solutions can offer the continent:

  • Producing Web3 content (articles, videos, designs) in Africa that covers use cases, regulation & policy, and opportunities & potential
  • Making policy suggestions to policymakers that advance the needs of everyday people and businesses while coordinating with academics and community leaders
  • Collaborating with local developers and crypto hubs such as the Melanin Academy to incentivise students and professionals to build solutions that utilise NEAR

Sankore is currently seeking community members who believe in the following:

  • Banking the unbanked through crypto
  • Open Web / decentralized solutions for developing countries
  • Policy frameworks that incentivize digital-friendly businesses in Africa

If you agree with the above 3 statements, S2 is looking for you.

Join the S2 community here.


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