[WATCH] I Wanted to Create a Stablecoin in a Multi-Chain Environment – A Chat with Co-Founder / CTO, Standard Protocol

BitKE, in partnership with Kenyan WallStreet, the leading financial markets blog in East Africa, caught up with Hyungsuk Kang, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Standard Protocol to discuss the project and its ongoing developments.

Standard Protocol is the first First Hybrid Algorithmic Stablecoin Model.

In this discussion, we talk:

  • The inspiration behind the project
  • Previous experience working with Polkadot
  • Why DeFi is so attractive – Exciting developments within the DeFi space
  • Integration with Polkadot and Kusama parachain
  • Upcoming developments in Standard Protocol
  • Collaborations with gaming projects in the blockchain space
  • Lessons for entrepreneurs in new technology business
  • Potential use cases for Standard Protocol across emerging markets like Africa

The interview was done and compiled by:

https://bitcoinke.io/ – The leading blockchain and crypto media outlet in East Africa

https://kenyanwallstreet.com/ – The leading financial markets media outlet in East Africa


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