Africa’s Leading P2P Exchange, Paxful, Launches PaxNaija, a Tech Educational Centre for the Youth

Paxful has launched PaxNaija, an educational center that aims to give opportunity for training mentorship on how Nigerian entrepreneurs can leverage blockchain technology and digital currency in their process of developing goods and services.

PaxNaija describes itself as a tech educational center established to create an ecosystem for sustainable growth and development for Nigerians. This, it says, will achieve by building a community for enterprises and business persons to profitably learn via training and incubation programs.

The organization believes strongly in blockchain technology and its ability to impact the economy, the people, and the policies. Thus, it sees the technology as an opportunity to create tangible solutions to some of Nigeria’s pressing problems across the economic, education, and social space.


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As mentioned by Ray Youssef, the CEO, Paxful, the organization is looking to train youth who can help introduce new use cases for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

“As we are keen on “Leading with the truth”, we are focused on building trust among the stakeholders for long term returns.”

                                         – PaxNaija

Here are the organization’s, vision and mission statements:

  • VISION: To train, empower and educate Nigerians around the digital economic space with the aim of building a more robust economy for all
  • MISSION: To build a more robust, sustainable, profitable network and community of blockchain users in Nigeria with equal financial access

The launch ceremony was graced by Paxful CEO, Ray Youssef, alongside senior Paxful officials.

As part of his speech, Ray Youssef reiterated the potential across Nigeria, that they are keen to help prosper:

“Africa is my home and the people of Africa taught us how to use Bitcoin. Bringing this educational center here will help spread the news of crypto and blockchain and it will help the youth of Nigeria to position themselves for the future. This is not the only office that will be established in Nigeria, another will be open in Lagos.”

                                                           – CEO, Paxful

The dignitaries list also included officials from the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.


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