Ethereum Hits All-Time High Gaining Over 140% in Just 3 Months

Ethereum has hit a new all-time high of over $4, 416 just 2 days after eclipsing its previous record.

The new high comes after the latest Ethereum 2.0 Altair upgrade, the third upgrade in 7 months that brings a more secure Ethereum closer to realization.

The latest upgrade follows the August 2021 London hardfork which saw Ethereum institute a deflationary mechanism by introducing a base fee to the network, which essentially destroys network fees reducing Ethereum’s rate of supply growth on the network in the process.


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Year-to-date, ethereum (ETH) has gained 1,013% and during the last 30 days the crypto asset has increased by 54.7%.

The current valuation of Ethereum currently sits at around $510 billion.

This is a milestone for Ethereum, which has seen impressive growth in 2021 following a boom in the DeFi and NFT spaces.

Ethereum dominates the NFT space at over 77.73% and the DeFi space at over 69.72% in market share.

According to the latest Q3, 2021 DappRadar report:

  • The blockchain industry grew 25% QoQ reaching 1.54 million daily UAW. This is a 509% YoY growth
  • The NFT space saw over 704% growth in trading volume translating to over $10.67 billion. This is a 38,060% increase YoY
  • Ethereum dominated the NFT space at over 77.73% while Ronin accounted for 19.53% of the market
  • Ethereum accounted for 69.72% of the industry’s DeFi metric

Ethereum remains unmatched as the incumbent blockchain dominating at about 70% of the DeFi space. At the same time, dapps on the protocol continue to hold and grow their value. Notably Aave grew by 44% and Lido saw over 213% growth during the quarter.


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