[EVENT: OCTOBER 23, 2021]: Introduction to Web 3.0 – The First Kenyan Event by FileCoin

Web 3 technology (also known as Web 3.0) is an emerging technology paradigm that strives to make the web more decentralized, peer to peer, and distributed.

The technology seeks to decentralize content, applications, and data management, and to provide users with increased autonomy and ownership over the data they create thus building on the existing web, and adding new functionality to it.

With this in mind, Wengi, a community focused group, is inviting you to Traverse the Filecoin Orbit event being held on October 23, 2021, from 12 pm to 6 pm at iHub, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya.


  • DATE: October 23, 2021
  • TIME: 12.00PM – 6.00PM
  • LOCATION: IHUB KILIMANI, Senteu Plaza, Galana / Lenana Road, Nairobi, Kenya

NB: Food and drinks will be served


With the theme of the day being Web 3 Technology, the topics covered will include:

  • Web 3 Technology (major in IPFS)
  • Filecoin
  • Blockchain
  • General web 3 technologies

The event will also include guests from Celo and Binance for a fireside panel discussion on the interoperability of these networks.

The speakers for the day include:

  • Sonia John (Filecoin Foundation)
  • George Mwakisha(Binance)
  • Peter Okwara(IOTA)
  • Angelo (Celo)
  • Franje (Benkiko)
  • Theo (BitLipa)

This event is for all entrepreneurs, developers, designers, managers, and investors, who are interested in learning about Web 3.0, IPFS (Interplanetary File System), Filecoin and Blockchain. Bringing a laptop is recommended as we’ll be learning how to set up an IPFS node & how to get started with Filecoin.

Register by clicking here and marking the date on your calendar.

Come meet, greet and eat as we explore the wild world of web3 and the opportunities that Filecoin and the underlying IPFS technology offer.


NB: An online zoom meeting will be happening on 21st October 2PM EAT before the main event to cover Introduction to Filecoin featuring Charles Freeborn, follow the link to attend: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84619027747


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