[WATCH] The State of Blockchain Adoption in East Africa – A Chat with Umar (Uganda) and Daniel (Kenya)

BitKE, in partnership with KenyanWallStreet, the leading financial blog in East Africa, sat down with 2 blockchain ecosystem leads from Kenya and Uganda to discuss the current blockchain landscape across the East African region.

In this discussion, we dived deep into the current landscape of crypto adoption, what is driving adoption in this region, and what Celo, one of the leading blockchain protocols in East Africa, is doing to help grow adoption.

While Umar highlighted some interesting projects coming out of Uganda, Daniel, on the other hand, highlighted emerging trends in the crypto and blockhain space in the region.


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In this discussion, we talk:

  • Introductions
  • About the Celo Alliance and its growth in the African context
  • The growth of the local blockchain space in Kenya and Uganda
  • What Celo is doing to improve crypto literacy
  • What to expect from Celo moving forward

NB: The video has been time-stamped to help you easily navigate to each of the above sections seamlessly.


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