Telegram CEO Calls TonCoin ‘Epic’ and Shows Support for the Project

The Open Network token (TonCoin) originally built by Telegram, has gone live with Telegram CEO, Pavel Durov, celebrating the project on his Telegram channel.

Durov, who founded the The Open Network (TON) decentralized permissionless blockhain with his brother Nikolai as part of Telegram in 2018, abandoned the project in 2021.

However, the CEO has now given a renewed shout out to the team who took over the management of the project – the TON foundation, with his belief that they are shepherding the project according to the original principles.


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According to Durov, decentralization alongside equality is the most important cause in the world, a call that the TON community on Telegram has said was heeded by dozens of engineers and enthusiasts given the TON code was open source.

I’m proud that the technology we created is alive and evolving. When it comes to scalability and speed, TON is still years ahead of everything else in the blockchain realm. It would have been a shame to see this project not benefiting humanity.”

– CEO, Telegram

According to Durov, the current project, though still not part of Telegram, is moving towards building something “epic” – asking them to find the right go to market strategy.

Still, on the same day, TON announced that the TON blockchain and Donate, a Telegram-verified payments service, have established an official partnership that will let users make donations and pay for their subscriptions in TonCoin.

In the partnership, channel administrators will also be able to collect income in TonCoin.


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